Time to update

Well, it is long overdue and there is so much going on in my life besides scholarships that I decided to update this page. Here are a couple of things which keep me busy these days:

The 10/20 Project
Ron and I have established a small non-profit, we have named The 10/20 Project. It has evolved from a gift to a few coats given out from the trunk of his car, to a non-profit with a small board.

I’ve practiced for many years and have wanted to take a teacher training class for as long as I can remember. My grandfather sent me an unexpected check a couple of years ago and I put it away so when the time was right, I could pay for my teacher training. I found the right Yoga School, a sincere and wonderful yoga teacher, and signed up. I’m sure everyone feels this way, but the ladies in my teacher training class are the greatest. I’ll complete my 200-hour RYT in December. I’m loving every minute of it.

Oh yeah, and my full-time job as Private Scholarship Coordinator. Still love it.

More soon…..

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