To My UALR Spring Students

This is the last week of classes for my UALR yoga class. We have discussed yoga philosophy, learned about basic asana practice, and had many lively discussions. We have spent over 30 hours together on our mats and have become a sweet community. My hope is that these inspiring young ladies will take away the following:

      Yoga is about union: joining the mind, body, and spirit.
      Yoga is about becoming unstuck and the things that keep us stuck are fear and pride.
      Yoga is about letting go of the things we need to let go of and absorbing the things we need from the Universe around us.
      We are just a breath away from whatever we need.

We have several young women graduating, one who was accepted to pharmacy school, one who lost a parent, several who are young Moms, one who was awarded her first “real job,” one who is waiting to see if she passes the Praxis test, several performers, and one who was recently accepted to law school. Thank you ladies. You all are an inspiration to me and have taught me. Because of your inspiration, I will strive to be filled with compassion, love, and focus and attempt to convey those qualities to those in my classes.

The light in me acknowledges and honors the light in you and together, we are one. Namaste.

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