7300: Methods (Week 5)

Before looking at the articles for this week I wanted to jot a few key points down from the Skype interview with Annie Mendenhall. First, it was a very cool experience and so interesting to learn about her research. Archival research is learning about how institutions function through piecing together historical archives. Some random notes:

  • archival research–you’re always trying to piece data together
  • look for patterns–use coding
  • the process of research is messy- she used excel spreadsheets to track data

one of her tips was to stay organized throughout the research process–keep up with citation information, use files to keep articles, note page numbers, take meticulous notes, keep things organized on a daily basis

Another thing I have in my notes from class that night was from a question regarding the difference between method and methodology.

  • Methods- tools used to analyze data (archival, critical discourse analysis, etc)
  • Methodology- the broader reasons…the theories

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