7300: Methods (Week 6) Research Proposal

Working on research proposal this week. This is challenging for me because to this point I haven’t been interested in conducting research in the area of technical writing. The idea has grown on me as I’ve researched some possible topics and read through some academic sources. Also, in my topics class I’m doing some historical research on the role of libraries in America and their relationship to print culture. Thanks to my professor, I learned basic process and framework for developing focused academic research. I expanded his thought a bit and created some rough notes for a general template for beginning academic research. I’ve included it in my class notebook(s) and notes. Also, I received some great possible sources from Dr. Ray and I’ve spent the past few days researching. I’m especially interested in the work of Amy Devitt and Jeff Grabill.

Originally I thought about the very broad topic of writing in the workplace. I’ve narrowed that topic down to email–still very broad but common across every discipline, field, government, and NGO’s.

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