7300: Methods (Weeks 13-14)

Coding Practice 101

I may be slow but it finally clicked. Doing some practice coding with raw data helped me solidify the research process. It helped me think about the different ways the data could be organized. I realized that looking at data and having no preconceived ideas or expectations is actually very liberating. Data have patterns and patterns have rhythms. After discovering what the data reveals (conclusion) it is then time to make connections and discover relationships to other theories and concepts. There are a few really rough steps to this process:

  • look, really look, at the raw data
  • look for patterns
  • code the data
  • look for more patterns
  • analyze
  • make connections to other research
  • draw conclusions

Through studying different approaches and methodologies and then to practice coding was beneficial. This helped me solidify the concepts and look at data from a variety of approaches. In a very nerdy way, this is really fun and lets me totally nerd out and then write about it. I know, I know, I know….there are other ways to have fun but I actually like this stuff.


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