Graduate Portfolio

This portfolio represents my journey as a graduate student in the Professional and Technical Writing Program at The University of Arkansas, Little Rock. My areas of emphasis include technical writing, technical communication and rhetoric. After seven years of part-time graduate work, I’ve “termed out” and will graduate in December 2015.  Honestly, I’d stay longer if they’d let me.

For 20 years my career has been focused on administering and teaching students how to obtain funding to go to college. My experience in the administration of Title IV programs, scholarships, and development have helped thousands gain access to higher education. In 2011 I shifted from  working in higher education to the nonprofit sector. I’ve spent the past four years working for Single Parent Scholarship Fund (SPSF) on behalf of single parent college students in Pulaski County.

The knowledge and skills I’ve gained through this program have resulted in:

  • building and nurturing key relationships with board members, donors, and students
  • securing $275,000 in foundation and private grant funding for the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Pulaski County
  • an idea that was developed into a book proposal to help other nonprofit organizations “organize their organizations”
  • the ability to effectively organize and communicate (both oratory and in writing) the big picture and the more intricate details on large projects and processes
  • the confidence to begin writing a children’s picture book
  • the ability to effectively communicate through a broad spectrum of professional industries: nonprofit, healthcare, and business

As I complete the requirements for this degree I have the ability to confidently communicate to various audiences through writing, speaking, and teaching. More importantly, the practical skills and theoretical knowledge I have gained in this program have helped me serve our community with a higher degree of impact.

In this portfolio I will highlight my journey through this program and demonstrate my growth as a technical communicator. Each project I completed was something that directly related to:

  • my work at UALR as their Private Scholarship Coordinator
  • my work at SPSF as their Executive Director
  • my future work in teaching others the art and beauty of technical communication

My profound thanks to members of my committee: Dr. Karen Kuralt, Chair, Dr. Barbara L’Eplattenier, and Mr. Michael Greer. Please visit my reflections page for additional thanks and dedications.

Update March 2016- I’ve removed my graduate work that was showcased in each area. I’m happy to share so email me at if you’re interested in reading through my writing/projects.

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