Publishing Inside and Out


“Maybe stories are just data with a soul.”- Dr. Brene Brown

This class. Wow…I loved it. I’ve always been an avid reader and I’ve always liked to write. I learned the process behind publication and was introduced to the art of providing peer feedback.

Key concepts learned in this class include:

  • developing an idea through the process of research, identifying audience, and creating a complete proposal
  • the author of the book works closely as a part of the publishing team (development, various editors, design, and marketing)
  • the art of providing feedback to peers regarding their writing (remember the audience!)


The publishing industry is constantly changing and there are more options than ever for writers to be published. How does a concept get from a brain, to a story, to a book? The process happens in five concise steps: process, concept, development, design, and marketing.


In the nonprofit and fundraising fields the art of storytelling is critical. Having the ability to tell a story connects people with the mission. Painting a picture of a need, offering a solution, and then inviting others to join you in fulfilling the mission of the organization is a simplified formula for fundraising.


The concept for my proposal was born from a 3-ring binder I use in our office. I found myself constantly searching for important documents that I didn’t use everyday– a copy of last year’s budget, a phone number for a board member who moved away, a list of passwords, a copy of our 501(c)(3), the list goes on and on. One day, I had a great idea: every time I needed one of these documents I would print a hard copy and put them in a folder. Being the organizational nerd that I am, I took it one step further– I went to Staples and bought a 3-ring binder and organized the notebook  into sections. I once made the comment that if I ever won the lottery, I would not be back to the office, but everything someone needed was in that binder–and The Lottery Book was born. It is referenced every day by our staff, board members, and volunteers.

I took the concept and developed it into a book proposal, “Organizing Your Organization.” I’m still working on sample chapters and I hope to submit the proposal to CharityChannel Publishing by December 2015.

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